Mindfulness & Fitness

By Jon Goddard

“It’s only ever now, nothing happens next”

Jon Goddard

A highly experienced Mindfulness Practitioner and Personal Trainer offering a wide variety of services to give you help with Mental Health and Physical Health. Jon works primarily from a private studio or large community centre in Stithians, Cornwall but is also mobile and travels across the county visiting Businesses, Schools, Charities and Village halls. Delivering Mindfulness Talks, Mindfulness Courses and One to One, Mindfulness Retreats for Adults and Teens, Personal Training, Fitness Classes, PE Lessons and even Rugby Coaching for Adults and Kids. More recently, Mindfulness and Fitness by Jon Goddard has also been offering Virtual Fitness Classes, Live online Mindfulness and Meditation Groups, Personal Training and Mindfulness One to Ones using video call.

As an ex professional Rugby League player, Jon now loves nothing more than helping others improve their Physical and Mental Health with a caring nature that comes naturally and an energy that’s infectious. A caring and self motivating approach has been a big hit with Jon’s clients proven by most of his work coming from word of mouth. Above all, it’s been particularly appreciated by those with additional needs or the older/retired generation during his very popular fitness classes for over 60s.

Jon Goddard

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The first period of my life was spent playing professional rugby league. I managed to achieve my goal of playing in super league and had some great times, but what I find even more fulfilling is benefiting the lives of others in any way I can. I firstly decided to use the skills I’d learned to deliver fitness classes and personal training. I became fully qualified in 2010, working in gyms, schools and from home. Simultaneously I was intensively studying the world of mental health and wellbeing. I and my wife then opened The Wellness Hut in Stithians, Cornwall so I wasted no time in becoming fully qualified to teach Mindfulness. Although I officially have the Mindfulness label I feel that through my own studies and experiences I can offer something totally unique, combining many techniques and sharing what I’ve learned along the way. I would never claim to know everything and often my clients figure things out for themselves just by having me or other clients there to bounce off. I feel so lucky that I get to share in other people’s happiness through my work. I love the variety of what I do and the fact that I often see over one hundred people in a week.

My aim is to help people develop their own inner motivation, overcome barriers to their natural state of health and wellbeing and then leave the room feeling happier than when they walked in. For those wanting one to one sessions I’d like you to know that I put a limit on the amount of clients I see at once so that I can give you all the best care and attention possible.

Taking that first step towards living a Happy and Healthy life. With a wide variety of services to suit yours or your organisations needs.


Delivered in a way that’s catered to each person, even in group sessions.


With an acute awareness of each persons needs, drawing on decades of experience.

One to One

  • Personal Training
  • Mindfulness One to Ones
  • Personal Training and Mindfulness Combined


  • Fitness Classes
  • Fitness Classes for People with Additional Needs
  • PE Lessons for School & Education
  • Rugby Coaching


  • Mindfulness Talks for Business 
  • Mindfulness Talks for School & Education
  • Mindfulness Talks for Mental Health Charities

Courses & Retreats

  • Mindfulness Courses for Business
  • Mindfulness Courses for School & Education
  • Mindfulness Day Retreats

Current Classes

Moderate Fitness Class | Online

Life Active Over 60’s

Mindful Core

Gentle Fitness Class | Online

Gentle Life Active Over 60’s

Functional Fit

Retreats & Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness Day Retreat

Mindfulness for Teens

Introduction to Mindfulness

Online Mindfulness and Meditation Class

“Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s problems, it takes away today's peace.”

Randy ArmstrongMusician

“Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into the world from deep within you”

Eckhart TolleSpiritual Teacher

a better life

a better life

a better life

a better life

a better life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you


Live Online Classes:

Free (donations accepted but not expected)

Live Online Mindfulness 1-1 and PT:

£20/per hour (pay as you go)

Mindfulness 1-1 and PT:

£30/hour or £150/6 sessions

Fitness Classes:

£5.50 drop in or £45/10 classes

PE Lessons/Rugby Coaching:


Introduction to Mindfulness:

£50 for 8 hours in total

Introduction to Mindfulness for Teens:

£30 for 6 hours in total

Mindfulness Retreat:

£60 for Full Day 8 hours in total (incl. food and drink)

Mindfulness for Schools and Business:

£50 for 1 hour / £75 for 2 hours

Mindfulness for Charities:

£40 for 1 hour / £60 for 2 hours

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