Class Description

After working with teens in preparation for their GCSE’s I realised just how much pressure today’s teens are under. Being a teenager is hard! You’re going through the biggest changes in your life, experiencing challenging things for the first time and with the added pressure of getting top marks and getting along with your mates, there’s no wonder that teen mental health issues are at an all time high.

During this carefully prepared course there’s no need to share everything about your life but if you want to share anything it will be done so in complete confidence. Many teens that I have worked with have barely said two words for weeks, some never open up at all, but when looking at their reviews and even getting the odd thank you card it seems they still got a lot from it. A break from that incessant mind chatter, learning how to deal with anxiety attacks, understanding what is causing your low mood and taking away skills that can last a lifetime. You don’t have to be a victim of your thoughts or external circumstances, you can be at peace right now.

Time & Date

Variety of times and days throughout the year


The Wellness Hut, Church Rd, Stithians, Cornwall TR3 7DH


£30 in total for four 90 minute sessions. Meeting once a week at a time and day to suit the group. ( See Reviews from other teens) Just £10 Deposit will secure your place on the next course.

What They’re Saying

Jon visited our school for an introductory session on Mindfulness, with techniques we could take away and use for ourselves and our students. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and staff commented it was one of the best and most useful training sessions they’d experienced in years. Jon is engaging, interesting and funny! Every single member of staff benefitted in some way and so will our students.

He told us helpful techniques that I can use if I have another anxiety attack.

It made me realise I'm not alone.