Class Description

For those wishing to begin their journey into Mindfulness. This is my own unique take on Mindfulness and incorporates many other techniques I’ve learned over the years when working with hundreds of people throughout Cornwall. People that have found relief from Stress, Anxiety, Bereavement and even Depression.

This course will aim to take you through the basic understanding of how our mind works which can be a real eye opener. Your relationship to the thoughts in your head can improve. You can notice some of the similarities and differences we all have when it comes to our perception of the world, establish why this is, then learn how to navigate through life, regardless of its challenges, with a new found inner peace. This inner peace has always been there, it’s within you now. We just need to learn how to access it and not allow it to be overshadowed by the often unpleasant thoughts in your head and turbulent external circumstances of a human life.

Time & Date

Variety of times and dates throughout the year


The Wellness Hut, Church Rd, Stithians, Cornwall TR3 7DH


£50 in total for four 2 hour long sessions. Meeting once a week on a time and day that suits the group. Just a £10 deposit will secure your place on the next course.

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What They’re Saying

The introduction to mindfulness with Jon was the most valuable and insightful time I have spent for a very long time. Jon clearly guided us through the basics of a range of topics which made room for lots of thought (plus the lack of), and insightful conversation. It is perfect for developing a base for looking at the world in an altogether more peaceful way. This was my first time in a group environment, and I believed it helped hugely with perspective and companionship. I would recommend it to everyone

Jon came to my work to hold a mindfulness workshop - it was fantastic and I'd highly recommend him to everyone.

I was lucky enough to win a competition that gave me a free Introduction to Mindfulness course. It was amazing and I have gained so much from it. I will continue to apply all of this in my everyday life and look forward to going to the Mindfulness Practice sessions that are held at the Wellness Hut. Thank you Jon for giving me this opportunity.